Our graphing library marries the latest technology with the design and experience requirements of government professionals and citizens. Budget data can be displayed to the maximum detail available in the data. Using the latest data-processing and human-interface technology, we let the software do the work and make it truly easy for the user.



Data preparation requires simple formatting of your budget data into rows of hierarchical line items and columns by year, using your favorite spreadsheet program. Financial software systems can easily be programmed to output data in our defined universal format (CSV)

Free Open Source Toolkit

Visual Budget is a free open-source web application (distributed under the Apache 2 license) and platform that allows any government or citizen group to install and prepare their own public budget visualizations. VisGov consultants will help at a cost affordable to any size municipality.


Free, open-source software

Affordable “starter kit” available to help you get started

Simple data format (CSV by line item)

Compatible with all budget information systems

Retrieves data directly from popular financial software (future feature)

Direct links to the sources of the data

Presents past actuals, current budgets, and forecasts

Data available for download

Easily discerned trends

Includes glossary of relevant financial terms and concepts

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